Jeti Oguz gorge

Jeti Oguz gorge is located about 25 km southwest of Karakol. You can visit it when making a tour around Issyk Kul lake. The name comes from a Kyrgyz word that stands for “seven bulls”. You can rent a car and get to this national reservation very easily. There are many legends that tell why this place is called Jeti Oguz. When arriving in this place, from the approach one can notice another rock formation that resembles a broken heart. Legend says that this is the heart of a young girl who threw herself off a cliff when her father, the khan (ruler of tribes) forced her to marry other man instead of beloved. These red rocks are the favorite spots for tourists to make great images with bright colors and shapes. 

As for the archeology, in this village there is an ancient cemetery and some burial mounds dating from the 7th to the 5th century BCE. They are quite big and can reach 28 m the tallest and 3 m in diameter the biggest. Inside of the gorge there is a sanatorium that was built in 1932. The building is not renovated but is very popular for local tourists. What foreign tourists seek in this place is the local culture, nomads and beautiful nature which they can find going further up inside of the gorge. One can find here many local yurts hosting tourists during the summer time. The place is called Valley of Flowers due to abundance of poppies and other flowers. There is an option of hike towards the small mountain waterfall and treks leading to Oguz Bashy peak and other mountain peaks. 

If you are somehow nearby this place, you must not miss it. Rent a car and drive to Jeti Oguz gorge to make your tour in Kyrgyzstan brighter and more colorful.

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