Historical museum in Cholpon Ata

Historical museum is located in the center of Cholpon Ata resort town, in 1 km distance from the lake Issyk Kul. The museum was founded in the 1980’s and preserves the artifacts throughout the whole history of Kyrgyzstan beginning from the ancient till the Soviet times. Among them you can find items from nomads, Saka bronze cauldrons from the 3rd and 4th centuries BCE, religious artifacts, ancient coins, and weapons. There are some smaller booths describing the Epic of Manas, Lake Issyk-Kul, traditional musical instruments, cultural figures from the Eastern Issyk-Kul Region, and the Second World War. 

The most impressive room is a hall of Kyrgyz wool carpets, where one can find a miniature yurt. The walls inside the yurt are decorated in shyrdaks and ala-kyiz, and opposite the door there is a stack of mattresses and pillows just like it is used to be in a real yurt.  In the center is the hearth, with kitchen pottery. 

This cute and small museum of history in Kyrgyzstan is not always on each tour. So take half an hour at least and visit it to learn about our culture. This place is unique and easy to reach if you rent a car and stop by.  Enjoy your tour in Kyrgyzstan with self-drive cars visiting such unique sites in Cholpon Ata.

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