Grigorievskoye (Chon Ak Suu) gorge

Grigorievskoye gorge (Chon Ak Suu) is located in 60 km far from Cholpon Ata, a resort town on the northern shore of Issyk Kul lake. It is one of the favorite places for both locals and tourists to spend a day out during their tour in Kyrgyzstan. You can rent a car to get there or get a private car with driver. 

The name of the gorge is the name for the village located in the entrance. The history of the village goes back to Russian Empire, when the first Russian peasants started to settle down in the area of Issyk Kul lake. The new immigrants decided to send their trustee Nikolay Grigoriev to the resettlement office to ask permission to allocation of land for the construction of a residential village in the area of Chon-Aksuu. He succeeded on the second time only and the village was named after him, shorty Grigorievka. 

The length of Grigorievskoye gorge is 35 km and is parallel to Kungey Ala Too mountain range. It boats with two snowy peaks known as Kum Bel (4,200 m) and Eschenbulak (4,647 m). There are three mountains lakes in the gorge: the upper, middle and lower. Dense spruce forest is of special pride, going along with other various vegetation in meadows and slopes. Fast flowing river gives to the gorge a complete beauty. 

If you want to enjoy the nature outside of town, rent a car and spend a day tour in Grigorievskoye gorge.

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