Folklore show

Kyrgyz folklore reflects the rich history and nomadic traditions and serves a country’s heritage. It includes vocal and instrumental styles. The vocal style is connected with Kyrgyz literature, singing epic poems and improvising rhymed songs for a big variety of topics affecting the social life of Kyrgyz people. Kyrgyz instrumental ensembles produce music that create in one’s imagination wide picturesque landscapes, galloping horsemen, epic heros, and mountains, jailoos (pastures) and lakes. It is the best to combine both musical and physical engagement by visiting such places in Kyrgyzstan with taking a car for rent in Bishkek. 

The main Kyrgyz musical instrument is Komuz, three-string instrument made of a single piece of wood and plucked like a guitar. Komuz produces a rich repertoire of music in Kyrgyz folk music.  The next popular instrument is temir komuz, a small instrument similar to a western “Jew’s harp”. Besides there a few traditional wind instruments, whose sound originates from air being blown out of a tube. The most famous are known as sybyzgy (a sideblown flute) and the choor made of clay with 3-5 holes, end-blown flute of different lengths. Percussive instruments are also widely used: the dool (metal or wooden drum) and the karsyldak (a wooden spoon providing a clicking rhythm of various pitches). 

It is possible to organize a folklore show during the farewell dinner in Bishkek. A local folklore ensemble performs a 40-minutes concert where you can enjoy the music played in different instruments along with traditional songs. There are also some shows organized in Karakol and Kochkor upon request. You can get there if you rent a car from us and make an enjoyable tour in Kyrgyzstan.

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