Kyrgyzstan is a country of alpine mountains and no wonders why tourists call it Switzerland of Central Asia. The fact that it has an abundance of picturesque gorges and valleys throughout the whole territory easily proves it. One of these amazing gorges is located on BishkekOsh highway, on the 250 km distance and called Chychkan. You can use a public transport or rent a car to get there. If you travel based on an organized tour, you will visit it if you head to Osh. 

Before entering the gorge, one need to overcome two high passes Too Ashu (3, 586 m) and Ala Bel pass (3, 184 m) and a tunnel of 2,2 km. The name “chychkan” comes from a Kyrgyz word translated as “mouse” due to a big number of field mice found in the area. In this gorge it is possible to enjoy a fresh air, murmur of the river with crystal water and nice scenery staying overnight in one of the road complexes, or taste local food and fish in one of the restaurants.

A big diversity of field flowers creates perfect conditions to keep hives and you can buy many sorts of tasty honey on the road. Fauna is also rich: in the mountains and forests there were found wild boards, mountain argali and ibexes as well as powerful golden eagles whose wingspan reaches 2, 5 meters. There is Mountain Lake named Saz Kol and waterfall of 8 meters and all that creates great opportunities to spend active holidays. 

From Chychkan it is possible to drive to the south of our country: to Osh, Arslanbob, Sary Chelek and also to Son Kul lake. If you have a tour to the south, rent a car in Bishkek and enjoy exploring many gorges like Chychkan.

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