Chon Kemin gorge

Chon Kemin gorge is located in 130 km distance eastern from Bishkek. It is possible to get by public minibus there or rent a car in Bishkek. If you self-drive, then you must turn to the left before the entrance to the Boom gorge. There is a road inside of Chon Kemin gorge but only half of it is asphalted. 

Chon Kemin is special for its length as it starts as narrow gorge in the beginning, then expands as a vast valley in the middle, and again closes in the end. The altitude varies from 1, 400 to 2, 800 meters above sea level. The gorge is situated in the gap between the famous ranges of Tien Shan Mountain system known as Zailiyskiy Ala Tau south of Kazakhstan and Kuingey Ala Too embracing the north of legendary Issyk Kul lake. The slopes of the mountains are covered with coniferous trees and there seven lakes inside of the gorge. The largest of them are known as Kel-Tor lake and Jashyl- Kol lake. There is a river of the same name with a length of 112 km where a rafting of 2-3 class is possible. 

In Chon Kemin there are many families who can host tourists. It is possible to do cycling, trekking, and horse riding. There are few trails leading to Issyk Kul lake over passes, namely Kok Ayryk and Kalmak Ashu. If you are not very active, you can spend a relaxing time in one of the guesthouses and enjoy the show of horse games during your tour in Kyrgyzstan. 

Chon Kemin gorge is part of National Reservation and is protected by the government. This place is so good for any kind of tours, so make you sure you do not miss it when you travel in Kyrgyzstan.

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