During your tour in Kyrgyzstan you will most likely visit one of the most popular historical sites known as Burana. It is located 70 km far from Bishkek where you can easily reach by using car rent services. This place and represents an architectural complex of the 10-12th centuries including a tower, remains of fortress and mausoleums, and local museum. It tells us the history of the Silk Road and Kyrgyzstan’s place on it. Balasagun city, where the Burana Tower takes place, was the capital of the Karakhanid Empire in the 9-10th centuries. Around the base of the tower one can find several excavation sites that show brick foundations of buildings. 

Archaeologists have shown that the town actually extended for quite a bit further: there were shops, bazaars, and baths. Near the tower, there is also a small collection of balbals, stone figures which were used to honor the warriors who died for their Motherland. These are excellent examples of stonework from the 6-7th centuries CE, and are accompanied by ancient petroglyphs from the 2nd century BC. Role of Balasagyn city in the history of the Silk Road is big, as it made a center for traders, with merchandise and people crisscrossing the continent from east to west. Coins, pottery, and other artifacts found in the area show the diversity of the region which you can observe during your tour in Kyrgyzstan. 

You can easily rent a car and discover such an interesting historical site as Burana and enjoy your trip!

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