Boat ride (cruise) in Issyk Kul Lake

Take a chance to spend one of the amazing moments on the boat ride in Issyk Kul Lake, to enjoy the sunset over the water with the view to the mountains surrounding the lake. The lake Issyk Kul being located in the heart of Tien Shan Mountains with Terskey and Kungey Ala Too ranges on both sides offer lots of activities: swimming, diving, trekking, radial hiking, and skiing and lazy beach vacations. To get to the northern shore of the lake with the most offers of activities is possible to get by local taxi or marshrutka (minibuses) or get a car for rent in Bishkek. Usually Issyk Kul is included in all classic tours in Kyrgyzstan, but options of entertainments must be discussed beforehand. 

In Cholpon Ata, the most touristic resort town, we offer you one hour cruise in a yacht club, located in a secluded bay on the southwestern outskirts of the town. Here you can take a boat trip around Issyk-Kul on any ship - converted into a passenger fishing vessel, speed boat or international sailing yacht. Besides there are some water rides, rental of various equipment. Here you will be offered to make an unforgettable trip around the lake, an underwater excursion, go fishing or diving. 

During your cruise in Issyk Kul Lake you will be taken by incredible beauty of the lake, the color of water switching into 50 shades of blue, is so transparent so that you can see the depth to 20 meters, seagulls flying around give a special exotic touch to the whole scene. A light breeze will unwind all the worries and freshen your mind. Enjoy these moments with your friends, family, or in a comfortable solitude. 

If you happen to be in Cholpon Ata, do not miss this opportunity of making a boat cruise in Issyk Kul lake. Arrange your tour with maximum comfort with car rent and enjoy the freedom the whole journey!

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