Bishkek is the capital city of Kyrgyzstan, is located on the northern edge of Kyrgyz Ala Too range at the altitude of 700- 900 meters above sea level. The population is 1 million people of more than 80 different nationalities. It is a good point to start your tour in Kyrgyzstan here, whether it’s self-drive or arranged tour. 

The history of Bishkek as a city is not so long, but the first mention about this place goes back to the seventh century when the place was important extension link between China and European world where merchants of the Great Silk Road stopped by this flourishing city. The city was known as Jul. During the Mongolian invasion not much has been left from cities all over the territory of Kyrgyzstan. The name Bishkek (namely Pishpek) appeared in 1825 when the khan of Kokand state built a fortress here along with other twenty fortresses in Chui valley as military garrisons. After the battle between Russian military troops and Kokand army, the fortress and the city were destroyed, and the territory becomes part of Russian Empire. Further the territory extended to the south of Kyrgyzstan, until Alai region. Pishpek town became the city of first Russian peasants. In 1925 it became the capital of Kara- Kyrgyz Autonomous Republic. In 1926 it was renamed into Frunze, in honor the revolutionary and military leader Mikhail Frunze, who was born there. In 1878 it received the status of city. In 1991 it was given back its historical name back. 

Today it is the largest city of the country. It is good start your tour in Kyrgyzstan with sightseeing tour in Bishkek. Here you can rent a car or book all-inclusive tour. Enjoy your stay here with visiting its museums, parks, squares, shopping malls, Asian bazaar, and night live.

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