Asian bazaar

Asian bazaar is always a bright experience and vivid reflection of local culture and country’s economy. You can rent a car and make a tour around Kyrgyzstan visiting local bazars in each region. The most popular bazaars in Kyrgyzstan are Osh bazaar in Bishkek, Jayma bazaar in Osh and cattle bazaar in Karakol. 

Osh bazaar is one of the most important landmarks in Bishkek where one can find anything from fruits, meat, electronics to national clothes made of felt and plenty of Chinese consumer goods. It is part of city tour in most programs. 

Jayma bazar is Osh city is the most ancient among the others, it has been operating on the same place over 2, 000 years since Silk Road times. This market stretches for kilometers along the riverbank of Ak Buura. Needless to say, that one can find anything here, too.

Karakol cattle bazaar functions on Sundays only starting early in the morning and finishing in the afternoon. Locals from all over the Issyk Kul region arrive here to make a good deal: they sell horses, cows, sheep, goats and many others.   

Regular bazaars operate all days except Mondays, and it’s better to be there between 10 a.m. to 5 see all the colors and variety of goods. Even an experienced tourist may feel overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of these bazaars. He can enjoy taking colorful and contrast photos of local traders, porters with trolleys, chaotic stalls selling perfumes along with socks, are with fruits in boxes and cheap toys right next to them. Seasonal fruits and vegetables, rows of dried fruits, nuts and spices look particularly exotic. Smells of fresh made local bread of various types and delicacy from a horse meat will not leave anybody indifferent. To experience local life one should definitely visit an Asian bazaar! Rent a car and enjoy your new adventures in Kyrgyzstan during your fascinating tour.

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