Ala Archa gorge

Ala Archa is one of the most visited gorges during tours in Kyrgyzstan. This nature reserve is located 40 km from Bishkek, the capital city of Kyrgyzstan, in an area of 20,000 hectares. Here you can find everything: mountains, rivers, pine forests and many others. It is easy to reach by car for rent as there is no public transport going there. “Ala Archa” from Kyrgyz means “motly juniper” that fully describes the diversity of pine and spruce forests in the park. During the visit of Ala Archa you can enjoy the amazing world of flora and fauna of this beautiful country.   

This reserve presents wonderful opportunities for mountaineering with its peaks, covered with eternal ice. Alpinists and trekkers come here often to practice their skills. For those who like light hiking, it also has a nice paved road to walk along and a small trail towards the hill where opens an outstanding panoramic view. This park was created in 1976 in order to preserve endangered species of animals, plants and development of tourism. One of the main highlights is the snow leopard that lives at the altitude of 5, 000 to 6, 000 meters. One of the most unique features of this reserve is that it has an alpine camp, at 2, 000 meters altitude. The highest of the ridge is Semenov-Tyan-Shan Peak (4875 m). The river of the same name has tributes from glaciers and lasts for 76 km. So this place is a perfect beginning of tour in Kyrgyzstan and to where you can rent a car and simply enjoy beautiful scenery and fresh air outside of city.

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