33 parrots pass (Teskei Torpok Pass)

If you ever heard about the high mountainous lake of Son Kul, you must probably have heard about 33 parrots pass as well. The topographic name of this pass is Teskei Torpok, but everybody knows its unofficial name. The pass is called so due to a serpentine road with turns presumably repeated 33 times. As parrots have a habit to repeat after a human, it has inspired the locals to call it so. If you rent a car to drive though this pass during your tour in Kyrgyzstan, make sure its reliable. 

The height of the pass is 3, 133 meters. The road to 33 parrots pass comes from Naryn town. First you will drive along the small settlements and Karatal- Japyryk reservation. After passing the bridge you will drive along the river and slowly start gaining the height. Just before the road becomes narrow, you can stop and walk 15 minutes to the west aside from the main road following the source of river. Here you will discover a small mountain waterfall of indescribable beauty. It is formed from the main river that flows out of the Son Kul lake. After spending some time there you can continue conquering the serpentine road up to the pass. The turns are abrupt and short, so you will be pressing the gas all the time. Once making up to the top, you will understand that all the efforts worth it. The view is simply unbelievable: you can clearly see how far you have from that point, colorful mild layers of mountain ridges fall on top of each other with mesmerizing shades, while the tops of them almost touch the sky and along with the serpentines create incredible scenery that no images can pass through camera. This place is worth seeing with your own eyes. 

After you’ve done hundreds of photos, you will continue your self-drive on more relaxing road towards the Son Kul lake to explore it. If you happen to come to Kyrgyzstan, 33 parrots must be included in your tour.

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