Taraz is not only an ancient city in Kazakhstan but also a modern port of craft and trade. In ancient times, Taraz was the main center of the Karakhanid state that existed in the 12th century. After the invasion of the troops of Genghis Khan in 1220, where the Mongols completely destroyed the city, Taraz achieved prosperity. 

Today, tours to this area are always relevant, especially with car rent services.The city began to develop rapidly after joining the Russian Empire and twice changed its name. Initially it was called Mirzoyan and later renamed to Dzhambul. Later, the city returned its historical name - Taraz in 1997 and the improvement of the construction of multi-storey buildings and buildings of various passages, thus developing tourism of the modern period. 

Such rapid growth has led the city in new technologies, both with a free Wi-Fi Internet access zone, where you can use on the central square of Dostyk, as well as in the Zhambyl Humanitarian Technical University. 

A tour in Kazakhstan will provide an opportunity to plunge into the ancient history of past times and civilization. Today, the city of Taraz is one of the most visited places among tourists and continues to amaze with the beauty of modernization. Do not miss the chance to rent a car for a walk in interesting places of Kazakhstan.

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