Shymkent is the third most populous city in Kazakhstan after Almaty and Nur-Sultan. It is the industrial, trading and cultural center of the South Kazakhstan Region. The population of Shymkent city is about one million people. The city is located 120 kilometers to the north of Tashkent (Usbekistan) and 690 kilometers west of Almaty and 1 483 kilometers south of Nur Sultan with the territory equals 300 square kilometers. The name of the city is translated from Farsi and partially from Turkic as green city, due to its beautiful green gardens and plantations covering the city. 

It was founded in the X–XI centuries, but according to archaeological excavations of some historians, it dates to V–Vi centuries. During the ancient times, Shymkent (literary means “the city in the grass/turf”) served as a market center for trade between nomadic and sedentary Turks. The city was invaded by Genghis Khan, Tamerlane, the Dzungars, Kokand and Bukhara Khanates and finally the Russian empire.  

Besides a self-drive tour by car for rent, the city also has an international airport and is accessible by train. If you want to study the Kazakh history better, you need to have a tour to Otyrar, Turkestan and Sairam, located not far from Shymkent with a wide range of medieval monuments. 

Here you can visit all the places of interest Walk of fame (park after Sh. Kaldayakov including Obelisk of Glory, Eternal Flame to the fallen in The great Patriotic War), “Zher Ana” monument, Ordabasy square, Park “20 years of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, Arboretum and Regional Museum, Museum of Victims of Political Repression.

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