Shymbulak resort

Shymbulak (or Chimbulak) is a ski resort located at 2,200 meters above sea level at Zailiy mountain range near Almaty. It takes places in upper part of Medeo valley. The ski resort a mild climate and abundance of snow and sunny days from November to April. You can enjoy your tour in Kazakhstan with making one day ski tour in Shymbulak. It is possible to rent a car to reach here. 

Shymbulak slopes were first discovered by ski amateurs in 1940 that had to climb to the mountain for three hours, later in 1954 there was built the first ski tow at 1,500 meters. Starting from 1961 it started hosted important USSR championships and competitions. It became ski training base for athletes from all over the USSR in 1954. Since 2011 the annual “Artyemenko” prize competition is being held in Shymbulak. Almaty hosted 2011 Asian Winter Games. 

Shymbulak resort can be reached by gondola cars from Medeo ski resort. The highest point of the ski resort is Talgar pass that is 3200 meters to where you can reach by passing three stations. There is a four star hotel, ski, board, sleigh rentals and restaurants. 

Shymbulak is the largest ski resort in Central Asia and most visited place near Almaty. It is perfect to visit for leisure to spend days out in the mountains. You can rent a car and come here with friends or family. If you plan a ski tour in Central Asia, Shymbulak is perfect to start with.

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