Sairam (Ispidzhab) was one of the oldest cities of 9th-10th centuries, located on the Kazakh territory of the Great Silk Road. “The White City” – as it got its name thanks to the ramparts and magnificent gardens surrounded by greenery. Today, this great building is almost impossible to find on the map since it has already been wiped off the face of the earth. 

In order to explore the beauty of the wonderful hillfort that many travelers admired, you can rent a car and ride through the emerald gardens without hindrance. 

Being a middle-century city, Sairam was famous for its bright bazaars filled with all kinds of goods as artisans and fresh fruits, ceramics, jewelry, and most importantly – fabrics as well as flowing waters that were located at every step and also small streets. 

Each traveler during the tour will be able to discover a new page in the great history of Kazakhstan and the incredible life of the old city. After the disappearance of the mythical city, there are still remains of history that can be seen in the Sairam Museum. Being on the tour you will find references to Islamic preachers as well as notes of Mahmud Kashgari (11th century) confirmed by Arab, Chinese and Turkic sources. 

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