Republican Square

Republican Square is the main square in Almaty, located in the center of city. It is considered to be the biggest in a city with a length of 580 m, and width of 210 m. The main national events of republican level always take place in this square such as parades, national holidays, concerts and others. You are able to rent a car in Almaty and make an unforgettable tour across the country. 

The history of Republican Square starts in 1980. On the southern part of the square there is a mayor’s office, whose building is included into the list of state values.  On the northern side you can find an administrative building of seven floors and residential houses of 16 floors. The eastern part of the square is framed the building the Central State Museum of Kazakhstan, the largest in the country. Besides there is an underground modern Trade Center with glittering domes on the surface. 

The main highlight of the Republican Square is the Monument of Independence rising in the middle of composition created by Shota Valikhanov. It is presented by a stela of 26 meters, decorated on top with a figure of a legendary golden man standing on a flying snow leopard.  This statue became the national symbol of Kazakhstan. Golden man is the embodiment of Sak culture living in the territory of Kazakhstan in the 2nd millenium BC. There was a big archeological finding discovered in Issyk gorge nearby Almaty, a man buried in a kurgan in golden armor and objects totally making 4, 000 bars of pure gold. The monument is also surrounded by other attrations: there two young boys sitting on colts symbolizing the bright hopes for the future of Kazakhstan and figures of Father and Mother, showing the gratitude aтв respect to the ancestors of the nation. The whole composition is surrounded by ten bas-reliefs with brief descriptions of important stages of history of Kazakh people.  

The Republican Square is a favorite place for walks for both residents and guests in Almaty. Continue exploring the city with a car rent and learn more during your amazing tour to Kazakhstan.

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