Qazaq-Oner (artisans’ center)

Qazaq-Oner is a training, production, trade, and cultural center located in a unique building of the pyramids in an athletic village in Almaty. Despite the fact it is a new project launched in 2017, it is becoming more and more popular among locals and tourists. It is not always included in regular tours in Kazakhstan. You can take a chance to visit this center while travelling in a country with a rent car. 

The center occupies an area 800 square meters and exhibits works of more than 20 artisans. Those who wish can master a new profession here, and the local population can have a great time with their whole family. Workshops on felting, pottery, jewelry, patchwork, batik, embroidery, weaving and other types of handicrafts can be held here. 

The main purpose of the project is development and popularization of the applied arts of Kazakh people. The project contributes to the revival and development of traditional Kazakh crafts, the continuity of generations, the patriotic education of the younger generation, and the development of local production. By visiting this center and purchasing some local products you are making a contribution to the development and support of local artisans. 

Not many people know about this Qazaq-Oner center, so take a chance to visit and learn more about crafts of Kazakh people during your tour in Kazakhstan. You can take a car for rent to make your movements around city more effective and less time consuming.

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