Presidential Centre of Culture

The Presidential Center of Culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan is one of the most magnificent places. It is a circle of four rays on the cardinal points. The uniqueness of the research, cultural and educational complex of the capital is that its structure includes a museum, a library, a concert hall. It is worth seeing it in a tour. To fully enjoy the beauty of this architecture you need to rent a car. 

This circle is a five-story museum, the top of which is crowned with a blue dome, reflecting the traditional Turkic architecture. The total area of the complex is 20 thousand square meters. The center is a synthesis of the spiritual heritage of the country and the cultural traditions of the people, combining under its arches the State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the State Library named after S. Seyfullin. 

The museum reflects the historical development of Kazakhstan. This is also a great opportunity to understand the past and present of the Republic. The museum fund includes 143 thousand items related to archeology, ethnography, history, culture and art. Being in Kazakhstan, don’t miss chance to visit it. Our company is ready to assist you and offer wide range of car rent in order to explore your tours.

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