Park of 28 Panfilov Guardsmen (Panfilov Park)

Park of 28 Panfilov Guardsmen is located in the center of Almaty and is one of the most visited sites in a city. You can rent a car right from the airport and explore more interesting historical sites of the city during your tour in Kazakhstan. 

The Panfilov Park is dedicated to the 316th division commanded by the General Ivan Panfilov during the World War II. 28 soldiers of Almaty infantry unit died while fighting against Germans outside of Moscow. Despite of heavy conditions they managed to significantly delay the Nazi advance to Moscow buying the time for defenders of the city in November 1941. 

The Park was founded in 1860’s and has a long history. In the beginning it was known as Old Cemetary Park until all graves were removed except the few ones and turned into Urban Garden connected to Catholic Community. It changes its name regularly throughout its history. For curiosity, the names of the park were the following after Urban Garden: Pushkin Garden in 1899 (in honor of 100th anniversary birth of Great Russian poet), Park of Fallen Heroes in 1919 (dedicated to Red Army during Civil War), Lenin Park, Public Park of the 1st of May (1927), Federation of the Soviet Republics until finally it gets its current name in May, 5, 1942 as Park of 28 Panfilov Guardsmen. 

This park is very famous tourist destination included in every sightseeing tour in Almaty. Inside of the park you can see the Ascension Cathedral, the Museum of Folk Musical Instruments, and the Memorial of Glory with eternal fire. On Victory day in May, 9 citizens of Almaty lay flowers to pay respect for the fallen heroes during the Great Patriotic War. 

If you arrived to Almaty, start your tour with visiting this park and learn the history of the city. For this you an easily rent a car and explore the rest of the country on your own.

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