Palace of Peace and Accord

The Palace of Peace and Accord is a truly incredible beauty pyramid that is considered one of the wonders of the world. It is the property of Kazakh culture and symbolizes friendship, unity and peace. You can visit this interesting place by renting a car with us. 

The idea of creating this architecture belongs to Nursultan Nazarbayev, who was the first president of the Republic. He decided to construct this building to gather leaders of world and traditional religions. This construction definitely will attract travelers in tours. The basic concepts of this pyramid are: a dungeon in dark colors; the middle part in white colors symbolizes the world; the sky is the glass top of the pyramid. 

The palace construction project was led by the famous British architect Norman Foster, as a result of which an elegant and majestic pyramid was erected. The top is a picturesque stained glass window created by Brian Clark. There are 130 doves depicted on it symbolize the peoples inhabiting the lands of Kazakhstan. In addition, the pyramid is also regular, built in accordance with the principle of the “Fibonacci Golden Section”: the length of the side of the square lying at the base is equal to the height of the pyramid. 

A wonderful pyramid of steel, aluminum and glass captivates the audience both inside and out. At night, the stained glass dome is illuminated from the inside, symbolizing the path to the unity and peace of the cultures and religions of our planet. It is worth having tours to Kazakhstan and see by own eyes. 

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