Medeo Gorge

Medeo is a high mountainous sport complex near Almaty located at the altitude of 1, 691 meters above sea level. It is one of the most popular places to visit both for locals and tourists during their tour in Kazakhstan. From Almaty it takes about half an hour to get there and you can rent a car. 

In 15 km drive from Almaty when you enter the Medeo gorge, which turns into a vast valley you will see a dike protecting the city from muds and flows. This fine piece of engineering has a capacity of six million cubiс meters of water.  Further you can observe the world’s largest alpine speed skating rink. Its area of artificial ice field makes 10.5 thousand m². Seats in the stands reach 8500 seats. There is a new multimedia display area of 200 m². 

The history of skating rink starts in 1949 by decision of Moscow to build ice skating rink in Almaty to prepare athletes for competitions in highlands. From the opening day February, 5, 1951 the rink became the main training base for ice skaters from all over the USSR. There were set over 200 world records in various winter sports including ice skating. Until today the rink went under many reconstructions to become a modern and renowned complex. The largest sport event that Almaty hosted was the 2011 Asian Winter Games and 2012 bandy World Championship. 

In Medeo gorge there are a few hiking trails that active tourists can enjoy during their visit to Almaty. Kamissar trail leads to the top of Furmanov Peak and takes two hours. The next is Kok Zhailayu trail leading to hot springs with thermal waters, and Shymbulak trail leading to Shymbulak ski resort taking two hours. It is also possible to get there in 15-20 minutes by a ride on a cable car. 

If you have a one day tour in Almaty, do not miss your chance to visit this wonderful complex and enjoy the scenic drive to the gorge on a rent car.

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