Kolsai Lakes

Kolsai lakes national park is located in south-eastern part of Kazakhstan and are considered to be the most beautiful natural complex of the country. It takes places in 285 km distance from Almaty at the altitude varying from 1,800 to 2,700 meters above sea level. If you have enough days in Kazakhstan for your tour, spend them here for a couple of days. You can rent a car from Almaty. 

The Kolsai Lakes were formed due to tectonic landslide accumulated by Kaindy and Kolsay rivers in the end of 19th century. More than 70 % of the territory of the park is under strict control by government. Only the rest is given for tourism and recreation. The area of the park is surrounded by Tien Shan Mountain ranges known as Kungey Ala Too and Trans-Ili Alatau ranges. There are three lakes at different altitude: the lower, the middle, and the upper. 

The flora and fauna of this park is rich also. There have been registered 704 special of plants, 50 species of mammals, 197 birds and many others. Among them are species of endangered animals such as snow leopard, Tien Shan argali, stone marten, Turkestan lynx, and Tien Shan brown bear. 

During you tour to Kolsai lakes it is possible to hike to the first and second lakes. It takes two days and you must be physically prepared. You can also make a slight hike near the first lake and enjoy staying in a home stay in Saty village. From Almaty on a rent car you can get there within 4-5 hours.

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