Kok Tobe

Kok Tobe (also known Kok Tube) is a famous attraction that is part of every tour in Almaty and is located on top of the hill in southeast of Almaty, which opens a great panoramic view to the city. The altitude is 1, 130 meters above sea level. The name translated from Kazakh means “Blue Hill”. The Kok Tobe attractions are the numerous viewing platforms, amusement park, monuments, little zoo, Almaty TV tower, walking alleys, restaurants and many others. You can reach here on a rent car before you take a shuttle bus from their station. 

In the beginning the par was called Verigina in the name of a rich merchant who has a house right at the foothill. The government started to build the necessary infrastructure to turn this hill into a park in 1960s. From 1967 the cable car started to function up to the hill. The ride to the hille takes 6 minutes only, and the cable of 1, 620 meters elevates for 250 meters altitude. The construction of TV tower was completed in 1983, with 371, 5 meters height is considered as the tallest tower above sea level. 

There is also a row of souvenir shop reminding about the great history and culture of Kazakhstan. From observation decks it is possible to view the snowy tops of Zailiy Ala Too mountain range, which is part of Great Tien Shan Mountains. The monument for the group of Beatles of natural size is a famous photo stop of tourists. Finally you can throw a coin to get luch into a fountain “Alma” (apple) in the middle of Kok Tobe park. 

When you have a tour of sightseeing in Almaty, Kok Tobe is the best spot to end it during the sunset. You can use the cable car from downtown or arrive at special bus station to catch a shuttle bus. To travel inside and outside of Almaty you can use car reте services.

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