Khazret Sultan mosque

You will have an incredible opportunity to have a tour to one of the most significant and young sights of Kazakhstan - the cathedral mosque Khazret Sultan. This unique architectural building of Nur Sultan can be reached by renting a car. This is the largest mosque in Central Asia, the official opening of which took place in the summer of 2012. 

The mosque has the name «Khazret Sultan" which means "Holy Sultan". The name of the mosque was given in honor of Khoja Ahmed Yassawi, one of the Sufi sheikhs, who was a poet, philosopher and Muslim saint, known throughout Central Asia. The mausoleum of which is located in the city of Turkestan. 

By car rent you can see that the mosque occupies a huge area of ​​11 hectares, moreover it can accommodate up to 10 thousand people simultaneously. And the area of ​​the building itself is 17.8 hectares, which includes a wedding hall, rooms for reading the Quran and conducting lessons for seminarians, as well as a dressing room and a washing room. Despite its size and age, mosques have all modern requirements.

By having tour here you will see that the prevailing color of the mosque is white and the mosque itself was built in a classic oriental style. In the central building you can see two supporting massive columns due to them the building looks even more magnificent. Also on all buildings you can see traditional Kazakh patterns. We can say that the Khazret Sultan Mosque is the pride of the Kazakh people that sparkles like a diamond in the capital of Kazakhstan.

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