Khan Shatyr

You will have a tour to one of the brightest and most memorable sights of the capital of Kazakhstan – Khan Shatyr. This huge shopping building is also the entertainment center of the city that attracts numerous tourists to travel here. Moreover, it set a record as the largest tent in the world, the height on the spire is 150 meters, and the total area is 127 thousand square meters. 

The shopping center opened in 2010, was designed by British architect Sir Norman Foster and built in the shape of a tent: a spire on which, due to stretched steel cables, a special transparent canvas is held. Khan Shatyr is reliably protected from the strongest winds and from the temperature extremes inherent in the capital of Kazakhstan due to the chemical coating of the canvas. Because of that, he got into the top 10 eco-buildings in the world. You can car rent to visit it. 

By having tour you will comprehend that under this dome there are various shopping and entertainment centers: company shops and boutiques, a supermarket, company offices, cafes and restaurants, playgrounds and family parks, cinemas and aqua park. Most interesting is that the aqua park maintains a tropical climate with a temperature of 35 degrees Celsius, and at the same time, the sand of the water park was brought from the Maldives. Moreover, you can ride a real roller coaster throughout the tent, which covers most of Khan Shatyr. If you want to make the tour easier rent a car.

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