Kazygurt or “the Ancient Sacred Mound” is located in Kazakhstan between cities such as Shymkent and Tashkent.The mountain range of unsurpassed construction does not cease to amaze tourists and offers many options to be interesting during tours. This unique double hill, connected by a saddle. If you want to get there, you can rent a car and drive along the highway about 40 km from the city of Shymkent. 

Mount Kazygurt is the cultural heritage of all the peoples of Central Asia and received the name – Turkestan Ararat. During a tour to Kazakhstan, travelers will be able to see the amazing architecture of the “Flying Ship”, which can be dissipated by driving along the Shymkent-Tashkent-Samara highway. Thus, you will enjoy the beautiful scenery and colored landscape of pristine nature including snow-white mountains with a blue tint. 

At the foot of the mountains are many monuments dating back to different eras. Every year, pilgrims come here to perform a purification rite with healing waters among the holy places like Akbura, Tamshi Bastau, Keme Kalgan and also the grave of Kazygurt-ata. There is a cave mosque filled with mazars of Shelter-ata, Angir-ata, Ospan-ata, as well as the grave of the famous sage and preacher of Central Asia – Koshkar-ata. The reflection of the Christian religion is also preached here. 

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