Kapchagai is a name of reservoir located in southern part of Kazakhstan, Almaty region. It was built on the Ili river in 1960’s with a construction of dam. On the right coast of Kapchagai reservoir, there is a city of the same name. Kapchagai city is located in 76 km from Almaty. You can visit it during your tour in Kazakhstan and rent a car. 

The city was founded to host the engineers working on the construction of dams and hydroelectric stations until 1980’s. As a result, there were built roads, plants and factories, developed infrastructure. Many families started to settle down here. But after the collapse of Soviet Union, Kapchagai went into decline. But in 2, 000 people started to settle down again and the city returned to its normal life. 

Now it has a population of 50, 000 people with different ethnic groups including Kazakhs, Russians, Ukranians, Koreans, Uigurs, Germans and many others. 

Kapchagai is good to visit if you want to spend nice days on the beach during tour in Kazakhstan. It can be reached within half an hour drive from Almaty on a rent car.

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