Kaindy Lake

Kaindy lake is gaining more and more popularity among tourists for its particular beauty and amazing coniferous forest around it. It takes place in the middle of Kungey Ala Tau Mountains at the altitude of 2, 000 meters above sea level. It is located in 291 km south-east from Almaty city where you can reach by using car rent service from the city. If you do not have long vacations for a tour in Kazakhstan, at least you can visit Kaindy lake. 

The Kaindy lake was formed as a result of natural disaster creating a natural dam and the gorge was filled with water from rivers right inside of the forest. That is why you can see the tops of dried out trees protruding on the surface of the lake. It creates a dramatic view of the lake worth of postcards. The word “kaindy” means “birch” from Kazakh language. 

When coming to the lake Kaindy, you can take a light hiking end enjoy the magnificent views. The water has wonderful emerald color reflecting the greenery and the sky around. Take a chance to visit Kaindy lake and have a great time. You can take a car rent end simply enjoy your tour.

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