Green Bazaar

Green bazaar or Green Market (Zelenyi bazaar) is a must visit in Almaty to complete your learning and understanding the local life when discovering the city. It is situated on the intersection of Zenkov and Jibek Jolu streets. Just like other oriental bazaars, Green bazaar has everything to offer its customers and tourists who like to visit it during their tour in Almaty. The best way to exploring the city and entire Kazakhstan is to rent a car and make a flexible tour. 

In Green bazaar it is possible to buy anything from meat, spices, fruits and vegetables, dried fruits, clothes, furniture and electronics. There are places to have some snacks and tea for those who become tired of shopping. Local bustling life, contrasting colors of goods, and noisy crowd makes this bazaar a perfect attraction for tourists to catch a piece of Orient. 

Green bazaar is an important part of city tour due to its rich history. More than a hundred years ago there was a prototype of bazaar on its current place. In 1875 there was organized a Guest Yard, where merchants and travellers could stop by. Local vendors opened their stall here. As a result of terrible earthquake in 1887, the whole city was destroyed. The local authorities started to organize bazaars that focus on one type of products: hay, vegetable and cattle markets. However, after the revolution the market went to ruins due to private trade was harshly suppressed. In 1927, the Guest Yard was reconstructed and received a new name Central Farm Market, but was known as simply Green Market. In 1940’s the bazaar was just wooden stalls under the tents until it was reconstructed in 1970’s. The construction has a few levels with inside and outside parts, parking and anti-seismic base. 

Green bazaar is famous tourist attraction that is part of most tours in Kazakhstan. Rent a car and do not miss visiting it.

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