Gorelnik gorge

Near Almaty city, Kazakhstan, there is a beautiful gorge named Gorelnik. It is a perfect place to spend a one day tour in the nature. You can use car rent services from Almaty and drive within an hour. The name comes from the name of the base camp which was established in 1932. During the Soviet times it has become one of the best camps in the entire country. 

If you rent a car and drive on your own, you have to stop at ice rink in Medeu, climb to the dam and go almost 2 km along the road leading to Shymbulak. After it you must take the trail to the right, there is an entrance to the gorge behind the house of a hunter. 

The length of the gorge is 8 km. There are few mountain waterfalls and river that confluence to Small Almatinka river and originates from Titov glacier. The slopes of the mountains are covered with coniferous forests and views are amazing from the anywhere. 

You will enjoy the chirp of birds, murmur of water and waterfalls, and fresh mountain air when hiking in one of the picturesque gorges in Kazakhstan. Spend a day tour in Gorelnik gorge and enjoy your time.

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