First President’s Park

First President Park is one of the new urban parks in Almaty. It takes place in the intersection Navoi and Al Farabi streets. The construction of the park finished in 2010 and was named in honor of the first president of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev. You can rent a car and explore the city of Almaty starting from the first day of your tour in Kazakhstan. 

It was open in 2001 and occupies the area of 73 hectares. However, the refinement of park is being continued and there are many plans to fulfill. The main sectors of the park include the avenue, boulevard, and dendralogical areas. From the beginning up to these days there were planted hundreds of spruce trees, birches and oaks. The territory of the park is equipped with pleasant seating areas, flower beds and observation deck from a mountain hill of 12 meters. 

The plans of construction of a landscape composition including mountain lake, artificial bulk and a huge fountain of six cascades are ahead to be executed. Even now without all of that the First President’s Park is amazing. It is nice to be in such a park strolling along the alleys with family and friends. Being located closer to mountain hills, it has fresh air and wonderful views. 

If you are travelling in Kazakhstan and began your tour in Almaty, stop by this beautiful park. You can park your rent car in a nearby parking area and enjoy your walk as much as you want.

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