Ethno village

On a rented car, your tour route will lead you such wonderful and unusual place as Ethno village St. Complex George. It is located in the territory of the village of Petrova-Ut. Upon arrival there in a rented car you can have fun at a costume party. After that you will be able to see the pride of the nomadic peoples the sectional dwelling - yurt. It is a circle-shaped structure made of wood and covered in felt. Each element in the yurt has its own meaning. 

Then you can enjoy the occupation and life of the nomadic people making yarn, getting flour and more that is one of the interesting parts of the tour in Kazakhstan. There will be performances showing traditional Kazakh customs, and a small folklore theatrical show. 

Also on tour in Kazakstan you will have the opportunity to try to pass one of the master classes of your choice. The following archery, horse riding, and various craft and culinary master classes will be presented to you. Also, you will have enough time to spend time on a walk through the ethno-village.

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