Charyn canyons

Charyn Canyons are part of Charyn National Park established in purpose of preserving natural and geological objects of Kazakhstan. It was founded in 2004 and is one of the famous tourist attractions. It is located in 250 east of Almaty. You can reach there by a car rent or private car. If you have enough days in your tour, make sure you add it into your itinerary.   

The park is inhabited by rare species of animals included in a Red Book. The flora is also unique by having protected forests that include Sogdian ash and aspen grove. Sogdian ash existed in Paleogene epoch and aspen grove existed 5 million years ago which is protected by UNESCO whose second analogue is located in North America. 

The most popular attraction of the Park is Charyn Canyons, which count 12 million years. The canyon is 200 meters deep, and the height of sedimentary rocks makes 150-300 meters. There is a fast flowing river inside of the canyon which adds a special view. So called the Valley of Castles has rock deposits of various shapes and colors. The landscape is so beautiful here that remind if Grand Canyons in the US. 

You can stay overnight in bungalows in Charyn or come back to Almaty. The road takes 4-5 hours on a rent car. Enjoy your tour in Kazakhstan.

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