Central State Museum of Kazakhstan

Central State Museum of Kazakhstan is the main historical museum of the country that tells the history from ancient times up to these days. It has a huge collection of artifacts of prehistoric times to nowadays. If you want to learn more during your tour in Kazakhstan, stop for an hour at least to visit it. You can rent a car to move around Almaty with maximum comfort. 

The museum was founded in 1931 and used the building of Zenkov Cathedral which was built in 1907. In 1985 it finally received its own building, constructed by the initiative of local authorities. It is considered the most modern architectural building for museum. The total area of the museum makes over 17, 000 square kilometers and it has impressive three big floors with four exhibition halls and galleries. The rich collection of the Central State Museum makes about 200, 000 of artifacts of tangible and intangible culture of Kazakhstan.   

Today the Central State Museum of Kazakhstan is one of the main historical attractions in Almaty. Discover the country with visiting museums and monuments, rent a car and drive outside of Almaty to see more nature. Thus, you will have an unforgettable tour in Kazakhstan.

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