Borovoye is wonderful natural and health complex located in the north of Kazakhstan, between Nur-Sultan and Kokchetav cities. Locals have called it the Switzerland of Kazakhstan for its undescrabbale beauty and charm. It is possible to get there by a rent car or get a private car with driver. Borovoye is the best destination to compete your tour in Kazakhstan. 

The territory of this national park is 85, 000 hectares. The altitude barely reaches the mark of 500- 600 meters above sea level at the cuts of waters in the lakes. The highest point is Kokchetau cliff making 947 meters, which is a calling card of the sanatorium. The next is Jeke- Batyr making 826 meters located in Shychinskie deeps. Burabai Mountain, the most famous hill with a great panoramic view, makes 690 meters high. The word “burabai” means camel from Kazakh. 

There many 14 big lakes each having a surface area of more than 1 sq. km. with emerald green waters and unbelievable views surrounding them. The bigger ones are known Shychie, Borovoye, Big and Small Chebahie, and Koturkul lakes. During your tour in Borovoye you will have hikes with excellent views. 

Borovoye National Park takes place in 270 km distance from Nur-Sultan and presents a health resort, national park with amazing nature. Get a car for rent and spend an amazing day out of city.

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