On the territory of Kazakhstan there is one of the world’s largest land-locked and drainless lakes, Balkhash. Its location in between the desert in a dry climate still amazes the scientists. According to their estimation, it’s 35, 000 years old. The lake does not have necessary infrastructure for developing tourism but it is still a famous for beach tours among local and Russian tourists. It is possible to rent a car to get there. 

The Balkhash lake can be divided into western and eastern parts which are different from each other. The eastern part has salty waters, while the western has fresh waters. The total length makes 615 k, the largest width is 44 km, and the maximum depth is 26 km. On the lake there were found 20 species of fish. There are 120 species of birds, 60 species of plants. This variety of flora and fauna surprises taking into account the conditions of climate. The lake is shared between Kazakhstan and China, and due to the usage of rivers flowing into the lake, creates a danger of the same fate as of Aral Sea. 

From one side the Balkhash lake is surrounded by Bektau- Ata mountain range, it is one of the most beautiful spots in Balkhash. The landscape with picturesque canyons and ranges create an amazing view across the lake on a clear day. If you have a chance to visit the lake, it will be a nice completion of the tour. Rent a car and enjoy new places like Balkhash Lake.

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