Astana Baiterek

One of the most striking sights of Kazakhstan is the Baiterek monument, located in the city of Nur-Sultan. The height of the steel barrel without a ball is 97 meters. 

This glass ball resembles a flower that changes color from different angles and must be seen by travelers in tours. The idea of creating this magnificent architecture belongs to the first president of the Kazakh Republic – Nursultan Nazarbayev. The design of this stunning site is closely connected with the nomadic people of Kazakhstan which symbolizes peace and unity. 

Baiterek Monument is the cultural center of the capital which invites guests to visit it during the tour. It is also possible with the help of car rent, which is possible to get with the help of our company. Having gone down 4.5 meters underground, you will see an aquarium, cafe and art center of extraordinary beauty. Climbing to the 34th floor, you will enjoy a wonderful panorama with a view of the city. 

Baiterek symbolizes tolerance. It is worth noting, during the revelation, 17 religions prayed at the foot of a golden ball. Thus, you will have the opportunity to see their autographs on a wooden globe during your tour. There is still a very interesting thing, rising to the highest floor, you will see a handprint of the first president of Kazakhstan that fulfills dreams by touching it by hand. 

We recommend visiting this amazing place, especially with car rent that will make you feel comfortable.

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