Arystan Bab Mausoleum

To get the famous mausoleum dedicated to a religious mystic and one of the companions of the Prophet Muhammad teacher and spiritual mentor of Khoja Akhmet Yassawi – Arystanbab, you need to drive by car for rent 150 kilometers from Shymkent, not far from Otrar town in the south of Kazakhstan. This sight is considered to be one of the Muslim holy places and a key worship places in Central Asia. 

According to legend, Emir Tamerlane ordered to build a wall of mosque over the grave of Khoja Akhmet Yassawi but all attempts were failed. Finally, one night a saint in his dream prompted Tamerlane in order to have success he need to build a mausoleum over grave of Akhmets’s teacher – Arystan Bab, what Tamerlane did. 

The first building of the mausoleum dates from the XIV century but it was reconstructed several times up to the XVIII century. After a strong earthquake it was replaced by a double domed structure supported by two carved wooden columns. However, the building that we have nowadays was constructed in the beginning of the 20th century with only the carved wooden pillars remaining from the original building. 

Today on the grave of Arystanbab there is a mausoleum with size of 35 x 12 meters built with burnt bricks. The building represents a huge central arch and wide front façade decorated with figurative brick masonry. A large spacious corridor combined double-chamber table tomb and commemorative mosque. A large tombstone of ArystanBab was installed inside the mausoleum, as well as tombs of his three students: Lashyn-Bab, Khermet-Azyr, Karga-Bab. 

Since 1982 the mausoleum-mosque of Arystan bab has been under government protection. Near the holy place of Arystan Bab visitors can find a well with very salty water, which has healing qualities. 

If you have a tour in Kazakhstan do not miss the possibility to visit a pilgrimage place. For this holy mission you can easily rent a car and go there on your own.

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