Aksu Jabagly

The tour is dedicated to one of the largest and oldest nature reserves in Central Asia – Aksu-Jabagly. It is located on the Western Tien Shan in the mountains of Talas Alatau in the country of Kazakhstan. You can reach it by renting a car. The territory of the nature reserves occupies an area of 131.934 ha. In addition to this reserve is protected by the state. Due to the huge amount of flora, scientists work here and observe the flora and fauna of the area. 

Having a tour here you will see here 173 species of vegetation, some of which are more than 63 species of lichens and algae and about 1400 species of higher plants. Due to the fact that a lot of unique plants will be calculated here, it is not unusual that the Greig's tulip is depicted on the emblem of the reserve, whose petals of a rare crimson color reach 15 cm in length. You can see such interesting and rare place by renting a car. 

But about animals, we can say that the largest numbers of them are birds. Of 267 bird species, 130 species nest in the reserve, and 11 species are listed in the Red Book. Also in the Red Book is a species of lizard known as the legless yellow lizard. 

In addition, about 60 species of mammals also live here and the rarest ones are argali, mountain goat, deer, marten, muskrat. It will also be interesting to know that 10 species are listed in the Red Book and this is the snow leopard, the West Tien Shan marmot of Menzbur and argali. And the main means of transportation on the tour are horses. This place is of great importance for the life of animals living in Kazakhstan.

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