Kazakhstan sights

Kazakhstan sights

Kazakhstan is famous for its boundless steppes and vast territories. There are so many places to see and learn. But the names of those sights seem so weird and do not give any information. Charyn, Kolsai, Issyk, Borovoe, Tamgaly, Altyn Emel etc. In order to make it clear for you, dear travelers of Central Asia, I prepared a list of tour sights of Kazakhstan where I help you to have an image in your mind of the most popular places.

Here you will find out a brief description of each highlight and can get prepared for your unforgettable tour in Kazakhstan!

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Almaty is a city located at the foothill of Zailiy Ala Tau that gives a splendid view to it.
Park of 28 Panfilov Guardsmen is one of the popular places in a city that has a few sites inside.
Zenkov Cathedral is one of the world’s top highest buildings made of wood.
Medeo Gorge has one the largest alpine ice skating rinks in the world.
Shymbulak is a ski resort considered to be the best in Central Asia.
Kok Tobe hill allows observing a great city panorama and offers lots of entertainments.
Green Bazaar has abundance and variety of goods starting from fruits and ending with meat. 
Museum of Musical Instruments has a collection of 1,000 objects from the 17th c. to nowadays. 
Central State Museum of Kazakhstan is the largest historical museum of the country.
Republican Square is famous for a Golden Man statue, the national symbol of Kazakhstan.
First President’s Park is a grandiose project being under improvement annually.
Qazaq-Oner is an artisan center with a purpose of revival and development of applied arts. 
Issyk Lake is small lake with dramatic history of avalanches.
Big Almaty Lake is a great place to visit within an hour drive from Almaty. 
"Sunkar" Falcon Farm is a nursery of birds of prey that breed 400 species of endangered birds.
Charyn canyons are unique geological rock formations resembling the Grand canyons.
Kolsai Lakes are the most beautiful emerald green lakes with coniferous forests.
Kaindy is a lake in 291 km distance from Almaty with extraordinary beauty and charm.
Tamgaly is petroglyphs, UNESCO World Heritage site in 170 km north-west from Almaty.
Altyn Emel is one of the largest national parks of Kazakhstan. 
Shymkent is the third largest city in Kazakhstan, industrial center of the country.
Turkestan is ancient city famous for mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi.
Arystan Bab mausoleum of the 14th century is dedicated to a mystic preacher.
Aksu Jabagly is the oldest and largest national park in Centra Asia.
Otrar is one of the flourishing cities in the Great Silk Road. 
Sairam is the most ancient city in Kazakhstan, mentioned in “Avesta” Zoroastrian book. 
Kazygurt is a mountain range stretching for 20 meters near Shymkent.
Taraz is a southern city of Kazakhstan, with 2, 000 years of history.
Nur -Sultan is a capital city of Kazakhstan, in the north of a country. 
Astana Baiterek is a famous monument and observation tower in Nur-Sultan.  
Palace of Peace and Accord is a fascinating pyramid in Nur- Sultan with a height of 62 meters.
Presidential Centre of Culture is a museum of history and ethnography with 143, 000 exhibits.
Khan Shatyr is a large shopping and entertainment center in Nur-Sultan. 
Kazakh Eli Square is the main square in Nur-Sultan founded in 2004.
Khazret Sultan mosque is the largets mosque in Central Asia, located in Nur-Sultan.
Palace of Independence hosts official government events, forums and meetings.
Ethno village of Huns was created to demonstrate the life of nomads.
Expo is a grandiose exhibition area with a fascinating design and architecture.
Alzhir is a museum and memorial complex of victims of political repression.
Borovoye is a natural and health complex located in the north of Kazakhstan.
Karaganda fourth largest city in Kazakhstan with a population of almost half a million people.
Balkhash is one of the world’s largest land-locked and drainless lakes.
Kapchagai is a beautiful reservoir located in southern part of Kazakhstan.
Gorelnik gorge is one of the picturesque gorges nearby Almaty. 

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