Travel along 5 stans and China

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      Welcome to Central Asia!

      We are glad to help you to have an amazing tour! “Travel Experts” team decided to make a special website that would have all needed information about Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.

      The purpose of “Follow me” website is to create a platform with relevant information that can be used while planning the tour to any of Central Asian countries. It is always good to get prepared in advance : ) Here you can find articles about history, culture, traditions, highlights as well as practical info like about visa, border checkpoints, guides, hotels, restaurants and so on. I try to be helpful, factual and honest.

      I am also able to help you to have a tour to Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. Every country among listed has amazing highlights, unique landscapes and rich background. What to visit there, which hotel to stay, where to eat, which transport to choose, what to avoid, what is the specialty of this or that place, what kind of events are scheduled – I am ready to share my personal knowledge and experience.

      If you want a combined Silk Road tour package including several Stans – you are more than welcome! That gives you an exclusive opportunity to plunge into history through visiting ancient monuments, enjoy skyscraping mountains and amazing lakes, drive through high passes, take part in master classes and learn about traditions – all at the same time! So this is what I would highly recommend.

      If you are a person who cannot live a calm life and moderate pace, whose soul craves adventure – our cars for rent are right for you! You can have a self-drive trip and explore far away destinations by your own! Off-road, high mountainous areas, rivers, a lot of forgotten roads… These are true emotions that you cannot get in any other way! Take a car for rent to have a great tour!

      So I’m here to guide you to the world of joy and beauty. Just follow me and don’t miss your chance : )  Let me help you to create a personal program according to all your wishes!