Erez Hirsh:
Erez traveled to Kyrgyzstan with his wife last summer. They have been around the whole country during the tour and had great time! Most of all they liked mountains as well as food and culture of hospitable Kyrgyz people. Erez advise to travel in Kyrgyzstan to all his friends to have the same feelings! He was thrilled! This family took a tour around nomadic places and also they were travelling in the most remote gorges. It was one of the memorable vacations for them! 

Mark Janssen:
Mark from the Netherlands was fascinated by the mountains, rivers and lakes of our beautiful Kyrgyzstan. He has been during the tour at Issyk Kul Lake, Son Kul Lake, Naryn region and enjoyed off-road program. He also loved visiting of the real Eagle Hunter! Mark is a tour operator and now he invites people to join his groups and have a trip to the land of nomads. He makes both trips: car rent without drivers and all included programs.

Joe Sinisi:
Cheerful Joe visited Kyrgyzstan and was shocked by the beauty of Issyk Kul Lake! He got acquainted with the traditions of nomadic Kyrgyz people and learned more about their lifestyle during his tour! He also liked horse riding and yurts! The time in Kyrgyzstan gave him an experience and fresh feelings!  He will miss the country of amazing nature!  

Piyush Sonsale:
The fan of bikes Piyush achieved maximum pleasure traveling with a fun company! He got extreme drive in Kyrgyzstan! This tour helped him to relax for all 200%. Most of all he was impressed by the eagle show, horseback riding and Son Kul Lake! His feelings were on high in the country of pristine nature! You also can take a car for rent to have the same tour! Look on the video his feedback.

Shviro Meir:
Travel guide Shviro visited Kyrgyzstan and got a delight! He took not only gorgeous photos, but also met local Kyrgyz people and enjoyed pleasant conversations. He drove all the ridges and mountains and saw wild mountain animals and rare birds. He really liked the rivers and lakes that even decided to play sports there! Shviro takes cars for rent in Kyrgyzstan for his tourists and has off road tours. His tour includes nomadic Son Kul lake, Kichi Naryn gorge and road around celestial Issyk Kul Lake.

Owen Cawley:
Owen was happy to visit Central Asia! He rested on the shore of Issyk Kul Lake and was delighted with the beauty of the landscape! Owen took a car for rent, a guide and booked all hotels with me. He met the nomads and felt the hospitality and kindness! He took many photos during the tour against the backdrop of famous attractions and snowy peaks! He will remember this tour for a long time!

Hanani Ohani:
Hanani decided to travel to Kyrgyzstan with his magnificent family. He appreciated the service at the highest level and was pleased by the tour we made. He really enjoyed a car for rent driving along mountain roads and enjoying amazing lakes like Issyk Kul and Son Kul. You can see his feedback on the video below. These were the best moments of his life and will remain forever in the heart. 

Alex and Ati Tosun:
Alex and Ati used our car rental service. They traveled on it through the vast expanses of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. They were able to see the incredible beauty of the nature of mountainous countries. Alex and Ati are very experiences travellers. They were very pleased with the tour and had very good impression of local people.   

Konrad Fobbe:

I had an incredible trip with a very interesting and charming person. His name was Konrad. He enjoyed the tour from beginning till end, including road that takes time. Choosing car rental service, he greatly facilitated the whole tour. Enjoying incredibly colorful views from the window of the car during the trip he was very pleased by it, including the Son Kul Lake that very impressed him. He had an amazing tour and will remember it for a long time.  

Andrey Saveliev:
The amazing man who rented a car from us was Andrey. He visited the pearls of Kyrgyzstan: Issyk Kul Lake, Son Kul Lake and Chatyr Kul Lake. On the shores of these lakes, you can plunge into calmness and safety in order to feel the freedom of your soul. The country fascinated him with its exceptional nature. And we were very pleased to work with him making a custom tour. 

Tan Choon Wah:
We were happy to help a group of 4 people with renting a car and making personal route. They were able to enjoy the magnificent Issyk Kul Lake, and have fun with friends during their tour. I hope they will remember these pleasant days spent in Kyrgyzstan. This is amusing group that we really liked. They got incredible impressions both from the tour and from the country. 

Evgeniy Gelashvili:
Eugeniy throughout the trip had no problems with the rented car. Due to it he could enjoy the entire route of his tour. Kyrgyzstan left unforgettable impression from both nature with animals and the hospitality of the local people. We were pleased to meet such cheerful person like Eugeniy. He took a car for rent and visit the remote mountain gorges during his tour.