Turkmenistan tours

General information:

  1. What documents are required to enter Turkmenistan??

Passport, copy of invitation letter, two photos 3x4.

  1. Is it necessary to make copies of documents before traveling to Turkmenistan?

Yes. In case of loss, may lead further difficulties being in foreign country. Paper copies of passports, driver’s licenses, tickets, hotel reservations, insurance should be scanned and saved to a virtual disk, so the access to all copied documents will be available from any place. 

  1. Who should I contact in case of issues during my stay in Turkmenistan?

Upon arrival at the airport, you will be met by a guide who accompanies you during your tour. If there are problems, it is better to inform your guide through his contact given at the beginning of journey. 

  1. If I lost my passport in Turkmenistan. What should I do?

It is important to apply the local police. You will get special report and then go to the embassy or consulate of your country. There will be interview of different questions, taking photos with an “internal” passport, driver’s license or any other document with your photo and issue a temporary certificate, according to which you can return home. Copies are welcomed too. 

  1. Where can I find points of money exchange?

There are a lot of small offices of money exchanges, banks, hotels and airport in Turkmenistan. Banks are open until 5 pm, exchange offices at hotels and airports work 24/7. While changing US dollars, they must be new, without defects. Otherwise they will not be accepted by exchanger. Please note: it is not recommend exchanging money in bazaars. This is not safe and may lead to illegal currency operations with further police arrest. Bank cards are available only in large hotels and malls. 

  1. Do credit cards and ATM available in Turkmenistan?

MasterCard and Visa are accepted in restaurants, shops and hotels, but is better to bring cash. ATM is available almost anywhere, except villages. 

  1. What does transfer mean?

Meeting and escorting a tourist to a specific point 

  1. What is the distance from the airport to hotel or vice versa?

It is 10-15 minutes from the capital Ashgabat, with no traffic jam. It should be noted that, driving in airport it is recommended to leave before 30 min. 

  1. Should I take large or small amount of money?

It is up to you. Note: in some regions, they will not be exchanged. 

  1. I decided to travel in Turkmenistan with my friends. Unfortunately he faced with unseen circumstances. Can we replace him with another person?

It is necessary to inform us before 15-16 days, so we take invitation from Migration State. On arrival, you will need to pay 100 $ extra account.    

  1. Is it important to be vaccinated before travelling in Turkmenistan?

Yes. It will help to get health insurance. 

  1. What is the national currency in Turkmenistan?


  1. What is the official religion of Turkmenistan?

There is no official religion on Turkmenistan, but there are a lot of Muslims. 

  1. How many languages are spoken in Turkmenistan?

Turkmen – national and official language
Russian – spoken by majority 

  1. What does an individual tour mean?

It is a complex of different tourist services provided to one tourist or a whole group of vacationers. 

  1. What does homestay mean?

It is a type of tourist accommodation, an analogue of a guesthouse. But unlike the guesthouse, the homestay is positioned as closer to the actual residence of local residents. Typically, homestay owners live in the same house as the tourists, or in a neighboring house or extension. Homestays can be booked in the same way as hotels or guesthouses, through hotel search and reservation systems, or found locally. 

  1. What does Single supplement mean?

Case where the declared price of the tour package includes accommodation for two people in double rooms, a certain amount of surcharge is established for tourists who want to get single accommodation. 

  1. What do abbreviations as ROH, SGL, DBL, TRPL, QDPL, Ex. Bed, CHD, RO, RR, BB, HB, FB, ALL, Al, UAL, UAI mean?

ROH (run of the house) – accommodation of any category of room or at the discretion of the hotel.
SGL (single) – single accommodation.
DBL (double) – double accommodation or one double bed or two separate single (sometimes half) beds (twin).
TRPL (triple) – triple accommodation or one double bed and one single bed, or three separate single beds (rarely).
QDPL (quadruple) – quad accommodation.
Ex. Bed (extra bed) – extra bed.
CHD (child) – a child (usually up to 12 years old).
RO (room only) – accommodation without meals.
RR (room rate) – only accommodation without meals.
BB (Bed and Breakfast) – only breakfast is included.
HB (half board) – the price includes breakfast and dinner (sometimes breakfast and lunch).
FB (full board) – the price includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.
ALL, Al (all inclusive) – breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, snacks, drinks, various additional services.
UAL, UAI (ultra all inclusive) – an extended version of “All Inclusive”: breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, snacks, drinks, various additional services, an additional assortment of dishes and desserts, additional free food in a la carte restaurants.



  1. Where can I find the vegetarian food in Turkmenistan?

There is no problem of finding vegetarian food in Turkmenistan. It is available almost everywhere. 

  1. I have a diet. Can I get a special menu?

It is required to inform tour operators or guide. So we will organize special menu according your wishes. Note: you may face with difficulties keeping the entire menu sometimes. 

  1. What do Half Board and Full Board mean?

Half board – only dinners
Full board – all lunches and dinners

You can choose any days where you would like FB or HB. 



  1. I want to get acquainted with the traditional way of Turkmen life. Where can it be done?

You will have an opportunity to see it everywhere. Travelling in the village of Baherden, you will find how national felt carpets are made and even participate in it. In Gokdepe you will enjoy seeing beautiful akhal-teke horses. Visiting some villages you will see examples of national decoration like coats made of wolves, horse saddle decorations, carpets and camels and even taste camel (chal). 

  1. Where horse riding games are organized?

Horse riding games can be organized anywhere in regions of horse breeding. 

  1. I would like to buy souvenirs. Where can they be found?

You can visit the Western Gundogar bazaar (Tolkuchka). It is open only on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Also you can buy souvenirs in Ashgabat in Russian bazaar. 

  1. Are there any rules for visiting bazaars in Turkmenistan?

As in any countries, nobody insured from thieves. So be safe and take care of your pocket. In addition you will enjoy colorful bazaar and take vibrant photos of Turkmen people everyday life. Note: in order to take photos, you have to ask permission.

  1. What are national holidays in Turkmenistan?

There are eight official holidays:
1 January – New Year
12 January – Memorial Day
8 March – International Women's Day
21-22 March – Novruz
18 May – Constitution Day and National Flag Day
27 September – Independence Day
6 October – Day of Remembrance (of the victims of the earthquake in 1948)
12 December – Neutrality Day

There are Muslim holidays as Eid al-Adha and Ramadan Bayram (end of Ramadan). These holidays are celebrated according to the lunar Islamic calendar. Dates are always vary.

There are Turkmenistan national holidays:
27 January – Day of Fatherland Defenders
31 March – Day of Chemical Industry Workers
7 April – World Health Day
17 April – Day of Workers of the Migration Service of Turkmenistan
Last Sunday in April – Turkmen Racing Horse Festival
9 May – Victory Day
25 May – Ashgabat City Day
29 May – Day of Internal Affairs Officers
Last Sunday of May – Turkmen Carpet Day
1 June – International Children's Day
5 June – World Environment Day
First Sunday in June – Day of Textile Industry
12 June – Science Day
18 June – Day of Workers of the Justice Ministry of Turkmenistan
26 June – Day of Workers of the Prosecutor's Office of Turkmenistan
27 June – Day of Turkmen Workers of Culture and Art, and Day of Poetry of Magtymguly Fragi
5 July – Day of Judicial Service Workers of Turkmenistan
21 July – Day of Health and Medical Industry
11 August – Day of Frontiersmen
1 September – Day of Knowledge and Students
Second Saturday in September – Day of Energy Industry
30 September – Day of Workers of the National Security Service of Turkmenistan
1 October – International Day of Senior Citizens
9 October – Day of Naval Forces of Turkmenistan
4 November – Day of Customs Service of Turkmenistan
Second Sunday of November – Hasyl Bayramy (Harvest Festival)
14 December – Day of the Workers of Oil, Gas, Power and Geological Industry
21 December – Day of Remembrance of the First President of Turkmenistan S.A. Niyazov (Saparmurat Turkmenbashi the Great) 



  1. What type of cars used in tours?

Your comfort is our goal. We have wide range of cars with AC and comfortable seats. The professional drivers of our company will inspire you with excellent skills.

There are transports made according to a number of seats:
02-03 pax – Sedan Toyota, Lexus
04-11 pax – Toyota Sienna, Hiace
12-22 pax – Bus Yutong
23-33 pax – Bus Yutong or Hyundai
34-44 pax – Bus Yutong or Hyundai 

  1. Is it allowable to travel with my pets?

Yes. It is important to note that pets, cats, dogs and birds must have veterinarian health certificate with the seal of the local Board of Health. The certificate must be issued maximum ten days prior to arrival. Also pets must be vaccinated against rabies within 12 months and 30 days prior to arrival.



  1. Can I bring alcoholic drinks with me?

Yes, if you airline regulations allows. 

  1. Is it allowable to buy alcohol in Turkmenistan?

Yes, if you are over 18 years old. 

  1. What type of power socket is used in Turkmenistan?

European type – C with two round parallel contacts and without third ground pin. The voltage is 220 V. 

  1. Can I take photos in Turkmenistan?

Yes, but you have ask for permission. In some places you will need to pay. 

  1. Does evening walk safe in Ashgabat?

You can be safe in the evening. 

  1. Can I drink tap water in Turkmenistan?

Yes. You can boil it if you want to be safer. In addition, bottled drinking water is available everywhere in the country. 

  1. Is it allowed to take Turkmen money as a souvenir?

Yes. You can exchange money as well. 

  1. What is forbidden to do in Turkmenistan?? 
As in most of the countries of the world, bringing pornographic materials, drugs, weapons, ammunition and printed matter that may bear any threat to Turkmenistan’s constitutional system is prohibited. It is not allowed to bring the local currency to the country as well as take it out of it. The currencies of other countries are allowed to be brought in Turkmenistan in any quantities. When leaving the country, it is important to have a smaller amount. When you arriveу arrival in Turkmenistan you will be asked to fill a customs declaration and provide all necessary particulars. No violate the customs declaration at the time of leaving. In case of making any purchase in the territory of Turkmenistan, you will need to acquire a certificate confirming that purchase is not related with historical side. It is better to buy souvenirs in large souvenir shops, so they provide certificates.

The followed items as jewellery having no hallmarks, precious and semi-precious stones and half-finished articles made of them; apitoxin (bee venom), snake venom, amberat and propolis; meat and food of any kind of meat, plants and animals which are included in the Red Book of Turkmenistan; carpets without certificates from the Turkmen Khaly State Union cannot be taken out of Turkmenistan. It is recommended following all restrictions to avoid troubles while being in Turkmenistan. 

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