Uzgen complex in Kyrgyzstan

One of the most influential ancient sites in the system, located 54 km from Osh, Kyrgyzstan, is considered to be the Uzgen Complex. They rent a car and stroll along the Kara Darya River while visitors take a tour of Kyrgyzstan. It continues with the history of the site between the second and first centuries of creation. It was a group whose members moved to Kashgar, through building sights, from the Fergana Valley. It used to be the capital of the Kingdom of Karakhanid in the 9th-12th centuries, around the same time. So, and these are just occasions when a specific being is created. When they arrive to see the magnificent mausoleum that used to be 45 m tall, international visitors who rent a car in Kyrgyzstan have a chance to walk around the region for wonderful tours. It was incomplete and 20 meters high in height. The house where the bricks are laid is made up of three parts. Kyrgyzstan's car rental company focuses on providing the best tours of the region.

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