Snow field

Glaciers are said to be impossible to reach, but this is not right, as our company is able to create a tour with reaching for most thrilling sites of Kyrgyzstan. Glaciers are located at very heights of the mountains, considered not to melt. In our team there are professional guides and drivers who can take you to distant locations on rented cars.

Our country Kyrgyzstan is extremely known for forests, lakes and mountains, of course glaciers. Glaciers are said to be covered with ice and snow, where temperature is extremely low. Now there is a process of global changing of climate and its temperatures, so glaciers start melting. Due to constant snow it is not easy to reach glaciers. You should know of number of glaciers (about 800 ones) being in the only one “Ice Rivers” notion. About 30% of the area of the country is covered with glaciers.

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We are sure to create best tour for you to travel as we know how to see glaciers, as reaching for Enilchek Glacier – northern and southern, Ak-Sai and Adygene when you travel in Ala Archa national park. It is better to be the member of a group of people for the trip to be interesting and unforgettable.