During the tour to Kyrgyzstan, see the natural scenery by the river. There are about 4000 rivers in Kyrgyzstan. You can rent a car to travel to Kyrgyzstan. Everyone who rents a car in Kyrgyzstan will get rest and excitement. In order to reach the lake, it is best to get information about Kyrgyzstan's landscape during the tour. Many rivers in Kyrgyzstan are caused by melting glaciers, and some are caused by snowfall. Certain rivers are found in high altitude areas, which are very suitable for rafting. We will take a one-hour rafting tour for travelers from Kyrgyzstan. The Naryn River is one of the largest and longest rivers with a total length of 535 kilometers and was explored in ancient times. This river is connected with the Naryn River and the small river. They defined the dividing line as At Bashi and Kekemeren entering the Toktogul reservoir. Dear guests, the river water during your tour will make you very excited.

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We will travel to see the Aral Sea, Uzbekistan finished its waters. See Talas, the highest river in the country opened in 751. It is to see Talas during a tour in Kyrgyzstan. Chui in the north is an indirect country, to Boom Canyon. When you use car rent in Kyrgyzstan, you will see the Sary Jaz River. It belongs to the Khan Tengri range. There was a plan to build this bridge in 2003, but it failed. The Chatkal River is located in the western part of the Tien Shan Mountains and drives the Chandalash Mountains 120 kilometers from the valley in the country. So, come to travel and esteem beauty of the unique land of Kyrgyzstan on tours. We are sure you will enjoy infinitely Kyrgyzstan.