The population of Kyrgyzstan developments to be the Muslims, the groups of the religion Islam. It is said to be involved by the mountains, and more than 75% are Muslims, about 20% are the followers of the Russian Orthodox Church and just 5% are the other religion followers. On the tours in Kyrgyzstan, see them and rent a car.

Car rent in Kyrgyzstan the way to sense that the normal of the Muslims is Sunni, succeeded in the 8th century. In the end of the 19th century, it continuing to be the famous one on Kyrgyzstan. Motionless, there are such people who still are naturopaths. The second largest religion is Christianity which is visible since the 7th century. The Christians are noticeably ethnic Russians and Ukrainians.

Vacationers who have tours here see that there is an agreement of religion. In the past years, over the Soviet Union, it was verboten to have any assertion. Nowadays any person is free to be under the poise of any religion. We see the stream of Muslims in the country, and taking steps in the car rent chances it is possible to form the details of religion in Kyrgyzstan on tours. We are designated to provide the highest level of tours in Kyrgyzstan and help to rent a car for all visitors.