Peak Lenin

The next destination of our tour is meant at the examination of peak Lenin, sited in the Osh region of Kyrgyzstan. Nowadays each guest is free to become the member of the tour going along the border with Tajikistan. The height of the mountain is 7134 m. The territory of the peak can be visited during the tours in Kyrgyzstan with car rent service. But the top of the mountain can’t be always got, as the clouds shelter it.

Weather is variable here as high in the mountains depending on the height. The mountain was discovered by the researcher A.P. Fedchanko, when he was here in 1871. In the past the name to the peak was given as Peak Kaufman, in honor of the governor and Soviet leader. Then the name of the present of that period leader became the name of the peak.

In 1929 the first journey was made when not members of the tour managed to get to the top of it. Then the leaping was recurrent by the Soviet Red Army, the members of which managed to vault and upright the monument to Lenin. After these events, in 1967, the expedition of 301 made an anniversary jumping. This jumping gave the ordinary people to know about the presence of more than 16 routes.

The mountains can be unsafe for those who travel in the country on their own or with the company of professionals on Kyrgyzstan car rent. The weather is changeable anyway and it is obligatory to know the data of how to be safe over there. Tragic events happened in 1974, when the team of women was taken by the storm, then in 1991 the team of about 44 people were taken by an earthquake. So rent a car in Kyrgyzstan and feel safe.