Jeti Oguz gorge Seven Bulls

Don't forget to see the Jeti Oguz gorge (Seven Bulls) in Kyrgyzstan, which is 28 km from the capital. If visitors tend to rent a car and head right to the row of rocks, red in color with the presence of the Bulls, it's an entertaining sight to see on the tour.

Just the name of the gorge was granted because of the appearance of the gorge. There are thoughts of numerous emergencies, remembered as the legends of the city. Renting a car tour in Kyrgyzstan opens up an opportunity to listen to stereotypes. In our turn, we wanted to remind some of them of that. And it is said that there was a king who had been interested with the notion of shooting bulls. Seven of them, who gave the world the appearance of bulls to make the slope, were murdered in a red color symbolizing blood. Welcome to Kyrgyzstan for a tour and rent a car.

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